El PicachoWhole day climb on our local mountain 800m

Download our free guide (PDF)Very comprehensive guide with photo's and description

9km out of town on the Ubrique road you will find on the left, a huge communal BBQ area, the parking for the walk is 200 meters further, also on the left but drive slowly or you will miss it. There is parking for around 30 cars, if it's full, you can park on the side of the road, at your own risk.

El AljibeWhole day climb on another of our local mountains 1000m

This is actually the view from the top, facing east1000 meters high, start off the same path as Picacho

Then veer off at the road and turn right

GolfOver 100 golf courses in Andalucia

About 15 within an hours drive of us

Andalucia is one of Europe’s foremost golfing destinations, with over 100 courses. The climate, with guaranteed warm temperatures all year round, not to mention endless hours of sunshine, coupled with spectacularly located courses, often with mountain or sea views, makes this region a hugely popular choice for golfers from all over the world.

Website list of courses

YeguadaAndalucian Horse Reserve

The most important reserve of Andalusian Horse, Cartujano lineage worldwide.

The essential aim of this breeding farm is to preserve the genetic heritage that holds this lineage and to contribute to the improvement of the Andalusian Horse.

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ACampo AbiertoBull herding and dressage in Medina Sidonia

Herding of bulls and Dressage horses

Enjoy the herding of the bulls and the andalusian classical dressage of the pure Spanish horses, a very entertaining visit, suitable for all the family. The visit starts with a 700 meters walk through the fauna and flora of the andalusian countryside while you will see the bulls and Oxen in freedom. At the bull route, In the best environment you can imagine, open land, and seating in a comfortable grandstand you will discover the life of these wonderful animals: the brave bulls, the cows with the stallion bull and their calves, the mares and foals, the oxen, the riders and horses performing andalusian and classical dressage.

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JerezJerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

Stand down all other claimants. Jerez, as most savvy Hispanophiles know, is Andalucía. It just doesn’t broadcast it in the way that Seville and Granada do. Jerez is the capital of Andalucian horse culture, stop one on the famed sherry triangle and – cue the protestations from Cádiz and Seville – the cradle of Spanish flamenco. The bulería, Jerez’ jokey, tongue-in-cheek antidote to Seville’s tragic soleá, was first concocted in the legendary Roma barrios of Santiago and San Miguel. But Jerez is also a vibrant, chic modern Andalucian city, where fashion brands live in old palaces and stylishly outfitted businesspeople sit down to distinctly contemporary cuisine. If you really want to unveil the eternal riddle that is Andalucía. 15 minutes drive from us.

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GibraltarThe rock, southern most point of Europe


Red pillar boxes, fish-and-chip shops and creaky 1970s seaside hotels; Gibraltar – as British writer Laurie Lee once commented – is a piece of Portsmouth sliced off and towed 500 miles south. As with many colonial outposts, ‘the Rock’ overstates its Britishness, a bonus for pub-grub and afternoon-tea lovers, but a confusing double-take for modern Brits who thought their country had moved on since the days of Lord Nelson memorabilia. Poised strategically at the jaws of Europe and Africa, Gibraltar, with its Palladian architecture and camera-hogging Barbary macaques, makes for an interesting break from Cádiz province's white towns and tapas. Playing an admirable supporting role is the swashbuckling local history; lest we forget, the Rock has been British longer than the United States has been American.

This towering 5km-long limestone ridge rises to 426m, with dramatic cliffs on its northern and eastern sides. Gibraltarians speak English, Spanish, and a curiously accented, sing-song mix of the two, swapping back and forth midsentence. Signs are in English.

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SevillaFabulous City 1.5. hours away from us


Some cities have looks, other cities have personality. The sevillanos – lucky devils – get both, courtesy of their flamboyant, charismatic, ever-evolving Andalucian metropolis founded, according to myth, 3000 years ago by the Greek god Hercules. Drenched for most of the year in spirit-enriching sunlight, this is a city of feelings as much as sights, with different seasons prompting vastly contrasting moods

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MalagaWonderful city on the Costa del Sol 1.5 hours drive from us


Málaga is a world apart from the adjoining Costa del Sol; a historic and culturally rich provincial capital which has long lived in the shadow of the iconic Andalucian cities of Granada, Córdoba and Seville. Yet, it has rapidly emerged as the province's city of culture with its so-called 'mile of art' being compared to Madrid, and its dynamism and fine dining to Barcelona

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